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Eastern United States Fire Performance Plant Selector

The Fire Performance Plant Selector can be used by those who are familiar with Firewise principles but not plant material, or those who are familiar with plant material but not Firewise principles. Using this tool can help you make better decisions about selecting plants based on how a particular plant in a specific location might affect the movement of fire across a landscape, during a particular season, or at a particular time in the plant's life.

ALL PLANTS WILL BURN! Vegetation that serves in any way to move fire across a landscape to a structure is considered to be located in an improper location. There are external site factors that MUST be considered when locating any vegetation within the Home Ignition Zone in a fire-prone landscape. Firewise ratings are an added safety measure for developing a Firewise Landscape.

You can begin searches by clicking on the tree  or flame  below:

TreeHave Plant Knowledge, click here for User with Plant Knowledge


Flame Have Fire Knowledge, click here for User with Firewise Knowledge


Before beginning to work with the Fire Performance Plant Selector we recommend that you do the following:

  1. Read the background information that can be found in the Introduction and Firewise Zones tabs.
  2. Read the Personalizing Reports instructions and add your personal information to the report fields.
  3. Work through the tutorial as a “User with Plant Knowledge” and as a “User with Firewise Knowledge”. The tutorials will walk you through some simple queries and reports.




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